Boys and Girls,

Welcome to the Kids Page.

Here is a web site you will like: kidsdomain

Reading Bears is one free Online program that I recommend to all my beginning reading students. 

The British Broadcast Corporation has an educational site for students just learning to read: Click here: BBC Fun

Younger children will learn a lot about reading with phonics from the super fun reading program at

Be sure and check the Salem Ridge Press. They publish great books for boys and girls. 

If you are in the third-grade or up, you can really improve your reading with Elizabeth Brown's powerful reading program. Just click here: The Phonics Page

When I was a little boy, I always loved studying science and doing science experiments. Here is a wonderful book of science for young people: Science Reader by Vincent Thomas Murché.

Play Kids Games

Libro Primero: Dual-Language book for teaching English and Spanish reading to bilingual students. 

Jan Brett's web site is loaded with beautiful coloring sheets to download. You can also purchased her wonderful books. 

Good health for Boys and Girls  by Bertha Millard Brown. This book was published way back in 1907, but it has a lot of very good advice for boys and girls. 

Alphabet Practice 

I recommend the following Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre. I have taught this program for many years. Kids can't get enough of it. Here is a YouTube review of Drawing Book. Here is an old copy of Drawing Textbook

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards (revised edition). Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (original).
Workbook for Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards. Here is an Interview with Betty Davis, “Learning to Draw for Thinking’s Sake."

Scientific American Book of Experiments (1960)

One of my favorite books when I was a kid was The Rocket Manual for Amateurs. The experiments are too dangers for teenagers today, but the information is very interesting. 

Rockets: A Teacher’s Guide by NASA

Classic Reader: Young Readers. Here are hundreds of great books for boys and girls that you can read for free. 

International Children’s Digital Library. There are some great kids books here. 

Heritage Library

Here is Louis Untermeyer's The Golden Treasury of Poems. (1959) The book can be borrowed for 1 hour.

Here are some great book for kids by Brian Williams

Great books by Jonathan Long:

Digger the Dog Who Could Dig

The Duck with No Luck

Crazy Canard

The Cat that Scratched 

Magic Poems

Science videos

Parents and Caregivers should read the following article and book

1  Bandon S. Centerwall's Television and violent crime

2.  Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie, & Video Game Violence