Natural Phonics Primer

A Universal Safety Net for Literacy


The Natural Phonics Primer: A Universal Safety Net for Literacy  is a one-stop method for beginning and remedial reading featuring powerful exercises for building decoding fluency (accuracy + speed). I would suggest that EVERY school in America require EVERY student to read all 72 Phonics Exercises EVERY year from first through at least 6th grade at the suggested minimum calibrated speed.  This would provide four important functions:

1. It would provide an excellent beginning phonics-first reading method. 

2. It would provide universal screening for reading difficulties at the decoding level. 

3. It would provide remediation in the classroom, reducing the need for special programs for dyslexics. 

4. It would provide good readers with the opportunity to further improve their decoding and comprehension skills.

Here is the Teacher’s Manual for teaching the Natural Phonics Primer with Blend Phonics.  Blend Phonics is also called Sequential or Cumulative Phonics. I am working on a series of 51 short videos that will be helpful to both teachers and students. The 22 Review Exercises are not videoed. 

Here are labels for making duo-tab (3-hole) folders for the Three-Stages of the Natural Phonics Primer.

Here are the Exercises for  The Natural Phonics Primer  with the vowel letters in black. 

Here are the Exercises for the Natural Phonics Primer with the vowel letters in red

Here is my Shortcut to Manuscript video and the the Supporting Printed Material. Handwriting is essential because student should be able to spell with letter names and in print the words that they are learning to sound-out.

 Instructional Videos for the Natural Phonics Primer

Stage I: Lift Off

 Step 1: Exercises 1-23

NFP_00: Introduction 

NFP_01: Short a as in apple - All Consonant Sounds spelled with 1-letter: b d f g h j  m n p r s t v w y z 

NFP_02: Short e as in egg

NFP_04: Short i as in igloo

NFP_06: Short o a in octopus 

NFP_08: Short u as in umbrella 

NFP_10: c as in cap (with a, o, u),  k as in kit (with e, i)

NFP_11: ck as in duck

 Step 2: Exercises 24-39

NFP_13: Consonant sounds spelled with 2 or 3 letters: ct ft lb lf lk lm lp lt mp nd nt pt sk sp st

NFP_14: Consonant sound spelled with 2 or 3 letters + s

NFP_15: ng as in ring, nk as in pink, sh as in fish,  x as in fox,  ngs as in rings,  nks as in winks

NFP_17: Beginning consonant sounds spelled with 2 or 3 letters: bl cl fl gl pl sc sk sl sm sn sp st sw tw spl

NFP_18: Beginning consonant sounds spelled with 2 or 3 letters: br cr dr fr gr pr scr str shr tr 

NFP_20: qu as in quack, th as in think,  th as in that,  wh as in when, squ as in squint, thr as in thrill

NFP_21: ch as in cherry, tch as in patch

NFP_23: Two-Syllable Short Vowel Words

Stage II: Earth Orbit

Step 3: Exercises 40-50

NFP_23: ee as in tree,  ea as in meal,  e as in he 

NFP_24: ee as in tree,  ea as in meal,  e as in he 

NPP_26: Long oo as in moon,  Short oo as in book 

NFP_27: ar as in car,   a as in pa and ma

NFP_28: or as in fork 

NFP_29: er as in her,   ir as in first,   ur as in nurse 

NFP_30: oi as in oil,   oy as in boy

NFP_31: ou as in house,   ow as in cow 

NFP_32: au as in Paul,  aw as in draw,  all as in ball,  alt as in malt,  alk as in walk

NFP_34: ai as in aim,   ay as in day,   air as in chair 

NFP_35: ie as in pie,  y as in by,   ye as in rye,   ind as in mind,   ild as in wild 

NFP_36: oa in goat,  oe as in toe,  old as in gold,  old as in old,   oll as in roll,  ow as in low,  o as in so 

NFP_37: ew as in new,,   ue as in glue (blue-blew, flew-flue-flu, due-dew)

NFP_39: Two-Syllable and Three-Syllable Words

 Step 4: Exercises 50-59

NFP_40: a_e as in name 

NFP_41: a_e as in name (continued); are in care; e_e in Eve and here 

NFP_42: i_e as in fine and fire 

NFP_44: o_e as in bone and more 

NFP_46: u_e as in tune and cure 

NFP_48: -ing

NFP_49: y, ies, ied as in hurry, hurries, hurried; y, ier, iest, ily as in happy, happier, happiest, happily. 

Stage III: Moon Landing  

Step 5: Exercises 60-72

NFP_51: ed: /ĕd/ as in added or rested; ed: /d/ as in filled;  ed: /t/ as jumped

NFP_53: er as in ladder,   le as in table 

NFP_55: ce, ci, cy as in ace, city, fancy 

NFP_56: ge gi gy die dgi dgy as in age, magic, gym, fudge, budging, smudgy 

NFP_58: se, si, sy as in cheese, rising, rosy;  th, ti as in other, bathing 

Step 6: Exercises 60-72  

NFP_60: Silent b, g, k t, w

NFP_61: Silent  gh, h, l

NFP_62: ph as in phone, gh as in rough 

NFP_65: ea as in break, head, and learn 

NFP_66: ie as in field,  ui as in fruit, u as in put

NFP_67: wa swa wor qua,   ou as in young and famous 

NFP_69: -ive as in active; -or as in doctor; -ance as in importance; -ence as in influence; o as in come, some 

NFP_72: Two-Syllable and Four-Syllable Words