Beyond Basic Phonics


Beyond Basic Phonics: English Morphology 101 is designed for students who have finished a course in basic phonics such as Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories or my Natural Phonics Primer: A Universal Safety Net for Literacy. It is a powerful tool for helping students quickly advance their reading levels by teaching the Anglo-Saxon prefixes and suffixes; Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots; Greek combining forms; and English homonyms. 

Here is a link to the free textbook: Beyond Basic Phonics: English Morphology 101

A good introduction to this approach to accelerating reading achievement by teaching the languages of origin of English is Dr. Marcia K. Henry’s “Organizing Decoding Instruction.” 

Links to Video Instruction for Beyond Basic Phonics

English: Anglo-Saxon Layer - Prefixes

Lesson 1: Anglo-Saxon Prefixes I: for-, in-, with-, be-, over-, by

Lesson 2: Practice Sentences for Lesson 1

Lesson 3: Anglo-Saxon Prefixes II: un- (not), under-, a-

Lesson 4: Practice Sentences for Lesson 3

English: Anglo-Saxon Layer - Suffixes

Lesson 5: Anglo-Saxon Suffixes I: -er, -hood, -ing-, ful-, less

Lesson 6: Practice Sentences for Lesson 5

Lesson 7: Anglo-Saxon Suffixes II: -ship, -ly, -ed

Lesson 8: Practice Sentences for Lesson 7

Lesson 9: Anglo-Saxon Suffixes III: -ness, -ish, -s & -es

Lesson 10: Practice Sentences for Lesson 8

English: The Romance (Latin & French) Layer - Prefixes

Lesson 11: Romance Prefixes I: Long vowel in open syllable: re, de, bi, tri, pro, co

Lesson 12: Practice Sentences for Lesson 11

Lesson 13: Romance Prefixes II: Short Vowel in Closed Syllable: dis, sub, mis, ex, trans, con, non             

Lesson 14: Practice Sentences for Lesson 13

Lesson 15: Romance Prefixes III: uni, mal, bene, inter, intra, intro, post

Lesson 16: Practice Sentences for Lesson 15

Lesson 17: Disguised Romance Prefixes I: con [col, com, cor]; in [il, im, ir]

Lesson 18: Practice Sentences for Lesson 17

Lesson 19: Disguised Romance Prefixes II: sub [suc, suf, sug]

Lesson 20: Practice Sentences for Lesson 19

Lesson 21: Disguised Romance Prefixes III: ad [ac, af, ag, al, ap, ar, as, at)

Lesson 22: Practice Sentences for Lesson 21

English: The Romance (Latin & French) Layer - Suffixes

Lesson 23: Romance Suffixes I: -ist, -ive, -age, -ant, -ent, -or

Lesson 24: Practice Sentences for Lesson 22

Lesson 25: Romance Suffixes II: -ar (adj.) -ary, -Ize, -ar (noun), -ance, -(t)ure

Lesson 26: Practice Sentences for Lesson 25

Lesson 27: Romance Suffixes III: -tion, -sion, -able, -ible

Lesson 28: Practice Sentences for Lesson 27

Lesson 29: Romance Suffixes IV: -tious, -cious, -tial, -cial 

Lesson 30:  Practice Sentences for Lesson 29

English: The Romance (Latin & French) Layer: Roots

Lesson 31: Romance Roots I: rupt, port, form, tract

Lesson 32: Practice Sentences for Lesson 31

Lesson 33: Romance Roots II: scrib/script, spec/spect

Lesson 34: Practice Sentences for Lesson 33

Lesson 35: Romance Roots III: stru/struct, dic/dict

Lesson 36: Practice Sentences for Lesson 34

Lesson 37: Romance Roots VI: flect/flex, mit/miss

Lesson 38: Practice Sentences for Lesson 37

Lesson 39: Romance Roots V: cred, pend, duc/duce/duct

Lesson 40: Practice Sentences for Lesson 39

Lesson 41: Romance Roots VI: pel/puls, fac/fact

Lesson 42: Practice Sentences for Lesson 41

Lesson 43: Romance Roots VII: ject, vert/vers

Lesson 44: Practice Sentences for Lesson 42

Lesson 45: Words of Romance Origin for Reading Practice

English: The Greek Layer - Greek Combining Forms

Lesson 46: Greek Combining Forms I: phon/phono, photo, auto, tele, graph/gram

Lesson 47: Practice Sentences for Lesson 46

Lesson 48: Greek Combining Forms II: ology, audio, micro, meter, therm, bio, scope, hydro

Lesson 49: Practice Sentences for Lesson 48

Lesson 50: Greek Combining Forms III: ped, arche, hyper, poly, mono, ortho, peri, phil

Lesson 51: Practice Sentences for  Lesson 50

Lesson 52: Greek Combining Forms IV: gon, pol, phys, log, psych, sphere

Lesson 53: Practice Sentences for Lesson 52

Lesson 54: Words of Greek Origin for Reading Practice

A Study of English Homonyms - Anglo-Saxon Layer

Lesson 55: Homonym Practice Sentences I
                  roll/role, buy/by/bye, hour/our, whether/weather brake/break, sale/sail, plain/plan,
                  would/wood, nose/knows, haul/hall

Lesson 56: Homonym Practice Sentences II
                  they’re/their/there, steak/stake, capitol/capital, one/won, creak/creek, beech/beach,
                  wore/war, sell/cell, whole/hole

Lesson 57: Homonym Practice Sentences III
                  read/reed, high/hi, peace/piece, so/sew/sow, fare/fair, rain/rein/reign, no/know,
                  rode/road, way/weigh, your/you’re

Lesson 58: Homonym Practice Sentences IV
                  dessert/desert, fir/fur, flea/flee, male/mail, pain/pane, son/sun, four/for, see/sea,

Lesson 59: Homonym Practice Sentences V
                  serial/cereal, two/too/to, vain/vane/vein, knew/new, write/right, bored/board,
                  ate/eight, blew/blue, flour/flower

Lesson 60: Homonym Practice Sentences VI
                  been/bin, hair/hare, merry/marry, patients/patience, tale/tail

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